Friday, 29 July 2011

NYX Eyeshadow Base review........

I did a post on my recent NYX haul (See here) and I promised to review some of the newer products that i hadnt tried before.

I have used the eye primers that I bought, the NYX eyeshadow base in White pearl and the NYX HD eyeshadow primer.

I have used them both a good few times now so its as good a time as any to post my feelings about them.

Ill start with the White Pearl.
This looks really lovely on its own, it has a lovely shimmer to it, and a slight white shimmer without being to over the top. It holds colour well, however I did find that my eyeshadow was creased by the end of the day. This could because of the heat at work, but I do find that with the HD (more on that in a minute) or my primer potion I don't get that.

The HD primer on the other hand doesn't crease at all, it leaves my eyeshadow looking as fresh at the end of the day as when I first put my shadow on in the morning.
Its a nude colour with no hint of shimmer or sparkle.
I am really impressed with the HD primer and would say it is comparable to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It really is a fab find!!!

Here are some swatches
L To R
White Pearl, HD Primer

So over all I would say that the HD is the better buy, it works like a dream.
The white pearl is really pretty on its own but does have a tendency to crease.

I will re purchase the Hd I'm sure, the White pearl I will use as a sheer colour from time to time, but I cant see it becoming a favourite.

NYX Cosmetics are available from

Have you tried either of these primers?? What do you think??


Maria xxxxxx

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  1. I love the pearl-base! If you apply another primer underneath it, it stays longer. It's just a base not a primer. :D:D xx


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