Thursday, 21 July 2011

Moroccan Oil...........

I work in a top hair salon and something that has been talked about alot lately is Moroccan Oil. This time last year i cant even remember hearing about it at all.

In January we began stocking it in our salon, and so it began.....
When we had our training on the original oil (its the only line in the range we stock) i was instantly hooked by the promises the magic oil made. I have long bleached hair that can be dry on the ends. I have split ends like most women, and my hair being as long as it is takes what seems like forever to dry.

Let me give you a little bit of the history behind the oil.
Moroccan oil comes from the kernels of the Argen tree, native to Morocco. The oil itself has many uses, from cosmetic, to medicinal, even being used as a dipping oil.

The original Moroccan Oil promises to make hair stronger, smoother, whilst reviving the hair. 
Its a treatment oil that you run through wet freshly washed hair, there is no need to rinse.
 The oil doesn't leave the hair with any residue, just nourished from the outside in. It seals in the moisture encouraging the hair to dry quicker, by up to 25%. Your hair will feel silky and soft every time you wash your hair.
Also having no silicone in means that you don't end up with product build up.

You can also use Moroccan oil as you would a serum, running a small amount over your finished style, so really you are getting two products for one!!! Even better.

The Original oil comes in 2 sizes, 25ml costing £12.85 or 100ml for £30.40.

If your hair needs a pick me up, give this a go, you wont turn back, i promise!!!

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