Thursday, 21 July 2011

Viva Las Vegas Baby........

I'm so excited, its less than 8 months till I'm off to the fabulous Las Vegas on holiday, me excited?? Nah... hehe. I really am so so so excited, so i thought i would share some of the juicy bits of my trip with you.

Ever since I saw Oceans 11 i have wanted to stay at The Bellagio, and I'm lucky enough that its gonna be my home for the duration of my Las Vegas trip.

I cant wait to check out some of the Elvis impersonators and sights relating to the King, i am an Elvis fan from when i was a kid and cant wait.
MMMMMMMM, i love a good jump suit. Hehe.

I cant wait.
Please let me know anywhere you think i should visit on my trip :))
Thanks everyone

Maria xxxxx

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