Friday, 22 July 2011

Mac Fashion Flower collection.......

The Mac Fashion flower collection is the somewhat over shadowed 2nd summer offering from Mac this year. There was only one item i was desperate to get my hands on, and that was the Ever Hip Lipstick..... i did get two other bits, here is the collection....

In the collection there are 2 beauty powders. Mac tells us.....
Unfolding and flourishing, perennial prima donnas embrace the Growing Trend of faces lightly dusted with daisy-debossed Beauty Powder.
The beauty powders can be used as a highlight, blush or as you would a pressed powder, all over the face. I chose the shade  ' ALPHA GIRL' a pretty baby pink. I thought it would be nice on the apples of the cheeks for a light wash of colour.
The Powder its self is pretty to look at with its flower motif, this however will vanish after a couple of uses.
In reality i could of done without this powder as it is a little lighter than i would of liked, also the texture is too chalky for my taste.
 I bought this on line as i was ordering early to get the lip stick, i wish i had left this and waited to do a swatch in the shop.

Next up, lipstick.....

L To R, Mlle and Ever hip.

I was so pleased to get these two shades. Mlle is a light, white pink, its really pretty and leaves my lips soft with no chalky appearance. Its a Glaze finish. And then we have Ever Hip, a bright creamy coral shade i have been after since i missed out last year on the liberty of london collection.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lipstick, its sooooooo gorgeous, its a creamsheen finish and looks amazing with a slight tan.

L to R
Mlle, Ever Hip and Alpha Girl.

What did you make of the Fashion floer collection???


Maria xxxxxxx

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