Monday, 25 July 2011

Bourjois summer collection........

I'm sure that you have all by now seen the New Bourjois summer collection...
I got some of the bits when it first launched so i thought i would do a review, this is what i got.

Délice de soleil bronzing powder, Effet 3D Lipgloss No49, Rose Exclusif lipgloss and
Délice de Soleil bronzing powder spray for face & body.

The new bronzer is almost the new generation famous chocolate Bronzer. There are a few differences. The first and most obvious being the product packaging, it comes with in a plastic case with a 360dg rotating mirror and a brush.
Like the chocolate bronzer it has cocoa bean giving that chocolate aroma, but this also has orange blossom extract giving it more of a chocolate orange smell!! Hehe.
The powder is fine with no shimmer so it gives a natural sun kissed look. Its a good drugstore bronzer and at £8.99 from Asos and drugstores great value. Its great for your handbag, the mirror is great for touch ups throughout the day.

Next there is the spray on bronzer, it gives a lovely natural glow. If your foundation gets to light in the summer this is a quick and easy way to look more bronzed. Its suitable for both the face and body and so a very handy quick fix.

As well as the summer collection Effet 3D lipgloss i go this, its called Exclusit, its one of the new generation lip products that reacts with the natural Ph of your skin giving you an individual lip colour. I really like this, the brush is pink but the gloss is crystal clear when you put it on.
I like the smell of this gloss, i cant explain it but i know i like it. Hehe.

Talking of smells the new ltd edition colours smell AMAZING!! Just like holidays, coconut heaven in my opinion.

Here are the swatches of the two glosses and the bronzing powder...

L To R
Effet £d No 49 lipgloss, Exclusit gloss and the bronzer.( this is quite a heavy swatch to show the depth you could build up)

I think Boujois have got the collection spot on this year. As someone who has never liked the chocolate bronzer i was hesitant. I'm pleased i can say that I'm surprised how much i like this bronzer.

Have you tried the new summer bronzer from Boujois??
What do you think??

Nun nite peeps


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