Monday, 25 July 2011

Topshop jewellery and makeup, a mini Haul :))........

I don't really venture into Topshop very much but recently Ive been hearing alot of good things about their Makeup range. As i was passing today i decided to pop in and check out the range for myself.

I must say i think the packaging is super cute, i love the Polka dots :))
I swatched a few eye shadows, lipsticks and highlighters, but in the end i decided on two of the cream blushes (£6.00) and the Multi stick (£10.00) that can be used on the cheeks, body or Lips.

I have tried out the Multi stick and it gives a lovely glow to the skin.
My main reason for trying the blush was the texture. I like the look of cream blush but i don't seem to be able to find any that don't just slide of my skin. I'm hoping these will be good for me as they blend to an almost powder finish.

The colours i got are L to R
Pinch, Head over heels and Luminescence.

While i was in there i notice a sale on some of the jewellery, there were some great reductions.

These earrings were all £2.50 reduced from £8.50 :)) So it works out that all 3 only cost £7.50, less than one pair at full price..

Again these were £2.50 each reduced from £8.50 and £10.00

And then this, a sweet cherry necklace, £2.50 reduced from £8.50.

I'm really pleased with my lil bargains....

Have you found anything good in the sales??


Maria xxxxx


  1. I love the jewellery!!! It's so cute! Im thinking I need a trip to Topshop... Bad news on my purse! Haha.

    I like your blog.. Now following. xx

  2. The sale was amazing Sophie Lousie, some real bargains to be had....:))

    Aww im glad your enjoying, thanku so so much xxx


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