Tuesday, 22 January 2013

MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss................

As you will know I fell in love with lipstick in a big way back in 2011 and 2012 was no different.
This meant that glosses have been something I have put on the back burner and forgotten about for the most part with a few exceptions.

That was until MUA launched the Intense Kisses glosses last year.
They are super pigmented and very long lasting for a gloss. I love that they give opaque colour to the lips, almost like a liquid lipstick, on top of all that, they also smell delicious.

There are 7 shades to pick from in the range, I didn't take the plunge with the bright red shade, as I personally prefer matte reds.

I truly am blow away by this range, there is a great choice and really is something for everyone!
There is every shade from a orange, candy pink all the way to a deep vampy red.

L To R
Smooch, Stolen Kisses, Kiss and Tell, Sweet Nothing, Lips are Sealed and Sealed with a Kiss.

Of the above shades, Lips are Sealed is my favourite  its a great everyday pink that suits everyone, it goes with all looks from a natural eye all the way to a full on smokey. This has become a holy grail for me, I adore this shade, I actually have two of them, one lives permanently in my handbag as it is an ideal shade to grab on the go!!

My lease favourite of the collection is Smooth, and this surprises me as it is the only shade with a touch of sparkle. My reason is simply that it is a little too sheer for my preference, it gives a slight was of colour where as the rest of the range give more of a liquid lipstick look that I love.

I'm sure a lot of you out there will and do love this shade, its just not for me.

If I had to blind test these glosses, I would without a doubt say that they are far more expensive than there £2 price tag. They offer everything we expect from high end brands such as MAC, Dior and Lancome to name but a few. They really are fab!!!

You can get hold of MUA from selected branches of Superdrug or from MUA online.

So even if you like me are more of a lip stick girl, try these out, i'm sure that you wont regret it!!!



  1. I always shy away from experimenting with lip colours because I am so pale everything looks either too dark or too light on me! but these look amazing! I love the look of the sealed with a kiss one! xxxx

    1. I really think that you would like these glosses hun, and because they are pigmented so well and yet a gloss, you will be able to wear the clour as dark or light as you feel suits you :))xxx

  2. I've looked at these a few tunes but never tried them, the colours look gorgeous! x

  3. I have sealed with a kiss and adore it, I wasn't going to get one but it was a deal to get one free so I thought why not get a gorgeous nude.

  4. I have one of these...i forget what one but i love it! I need to get stolen kisses though!!!

  5. These are so pigmented! I will have to take a look at these after my spending ban. x


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