Monday, 5 November 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Superb and Everything That Glitters.........

Every year MAC launches a fabulous Christmas collection with everything our heart could desire. And this year The Glamour daze Collection delivers big time.

I had promised myself that I wasn't going to go mad and buy too much from the collection as I have asked for a few bits for Christmas and also, I want to show the makeup I have a little love.

There were just two things that I knew I wanted to get when the collection launched online.
1 was the Extra Dimension Skin finish in Superb that I missed out on earlier in the year, and the other was Everything That Glitters Nail polish. This is my first polish from MAC and what a way to start, a glitter fest in a bottle!!

Superb is a beautiful Rose gold tone highlight. I am not disappointed with this at all, I am so pleased to have this as part of my kit. It looks beautiful on a range of skin tones and adds beautiful light to the skin without being super sparkly or shiny looking.

Next is Everything that glitters, a sheer black based polish with micro glitter in magenta, teal blue, silver and gold.
Its just beautiful and opaque in two coats. The glitter is nice and dense and gives fantastic and even coverage. As I mentioned this is my first MAC polish, I hope I haven't started another obession here!!! lol.

I am really pleased with my two purchases from the collection and super excited to use them over the festive season.

Are there any items you will picking up before Christmas?



  1. That highlighter looks scary and gorgeous at the same time!!

    1. hehehe, I promise its not at all scary, very pretty and can look really subtle or dramatic :))xxx

  2. I *NEED* that Extra Dimension Skin Finish! Perfection in a pan! x

    1. Im in love with it already!!! You really do NEED it!!! Fab for any kit!!xxx

  3. I love the Extra Dimension products - I had my heart set on some of the holiday palettes but they look so disappointing swatched and they are much smaller than in previous year so I'm skipping :( sad that MAC seem to reduce the quality of their holiday collections :(

    1. In all honesty im not a palette kinda gal when it comes to Mac, I prefer to depot myself rather than go for ready made ones as I always find there is always a dud colour for me xxx


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