Sunday, 2 September 2012

High end Lipgloss, Drugstore dupes.....

I love a good dupes post. 

The other week I decided that I was going to have a look through my Make up collection and see what dupes I could find for high end products from the drugstore.

I love high end products but my purse isn't too keen, lol. 

I was really surprised how many I found, I have got together Lip glosses, Lip sticks and blushes to share with you.

This first post is Lip gloss.

Above are the swatches that I featured in my Video which you can watch below....

The dupes I found, Top row first from left to right are.....

Revlon Sizzle dupe of  MAC Morange
MUA Out There Plumping Gloss in Candy Pink dupe of MAC Viva Gaga 1
Natural Collection Cherry Pop dupe of Lancome Lychee Juicy Tube
MUA Out There Plumping Gloss in Pin up Pink dupe of MAC Impassioned 
Borjois Rose Symphonic dupe of MAC Like Venus

You can see more of my thoughts on the glosses in the video.

All in all though I am really pleased with the dupes that I found.

What do you think?



I love to see what you think too, Leave me a comment and be sure to check back, I always reply!!xxx

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