Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Revlon Colourstay Gel Liner..........

I'm sure you will of all noticed the way the Colour Stay range of cosmetics from Revlon has grown here in the UK over recent months. Or maybe its just me? lol.

Anyway, when Superdrug had there 3 for 2 promotion on last month, I picked up the Colour Stay Gel liner.
I am a massive fan of Revlon, they are probably my favourite Drugstore brand here in the UK, and so I was excited to try the liner out.

The liner cost me £6.99 ( Its now gone up to £8.99, It was on offer) and comes with a handy little brush in the handle. For freshening up through the day the brush is a handy little tool for makeup bags, no mess and fuss free. 

The consistency of this liner isn't to wet, I for one am a fan of this, I find that gel liners that are much harder to work with for some reason.
The colour pay off is excellent, you get a gorgeous deep solid black line that is smudge proof and in my opinion AMAZING!!!!
I really love the formula of this gel, once again Revlon have supplied a fantastic product that lives up way beyond expectations.

However, there's always a however I know, there is a MASSIVE problem with this liner.

The Packaging. Not the handy brush, as you would expect, but the actual jar. 

The opening of the jar to be precise. 
Its TINY!!!
 The size of a 5p or a dime. Totally ridiculous and really annoying. It makes getting the actual product out of the jar far to messy, fiddly and in all honesty, a complete pain in the rear.

Its so frustrating as this is such a great product that the failings in the packaging are even more annoying.

Have you tried this liner?? Does the jar annoy you too??

Have a fab day!!!


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