Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pop from Topshop...............

Having recently fallen in love with Topshop make up, I couldn't resist picking up this cute little powder blush.
Last year I tried out the cream blushes but my love hate relationship ( I love them, they hate me!!!) meant that it was a short lived affair.

Hopefully I will have better luck with Pop from Topshop.

Pop is a peach matte powder blush that doesn't come across chalky at all and has fantastic pigment.
The texture of this blush is soft and silky and feels far more expensive than the £6.00 price tag suggests.

I think this is a shade that will suit all skin tones, it is very buildable giving you everything from a suitable to a bold finish on the cheeks.

I have only used this blush a couple of times and I love it already. It hasn't oxidised on my skin and leaves me with a healthy glow.

Plus its delicious for the summer we will hopefully get?!?!



  1. You know what I have never tried any of the Topshop cosmetics range (terrible for a beauty blogger I know lol) but after reading a few reviews recently I am going to buy some soon, this blush is such a pretty summery shade!



    1. Ooooh you will have to let me know what you try out :)) I must admit, Im really impressed!!xxxx

  2. Hello! Found your blog through #bbloggers and really like it!

    I love Topshop blushers...can't say I have any issues with the cream ones, but I love the powder ones too. Haven't tried Pop though, it looks gorgeous! x

    1. Hi Tabitha!!!
      Aww thank you so much :)) #Bbloggers was great this week :))
      I wish I could wear the cream blushes, but cream just doesnt agree with me :(( They look so beautiful on others.

      Have a great day xxxx

  3. Such a pretty color!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

    1. Soooo pretty!! Do you have the Topshop cosmetics in the US yet?xxx


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