Sunday, 17 June 2012

My summer 2012 Polish picks..............

I am a polish a holic, I am sure that if you have been reading my blog for a while you will be well aware of this.

I decide that I wanted to put together a post of my favourite polishes of the summer so far.

 I am always a fan of the brights more than the darks, so I always love summer collections more than the rest.

I recorded a video to share with you my favourite so far this year.....

The polishes are

L To R
Oui Bot Of Red, My Chihuahua Bites! Pool Party, Purple Panic

L To R
Blanc, Absolutely Shore, Ice Crush, Beach Party, Pom Pom.

What are your favourite polishes for the summer??



  1. Hiya

    Could you let me know where you get your O.P.I polish from? I am in the UK and dont think it is available in usual cosmetic stores.

    1. Hi ya Robin!! I get alot of my polish from the internet. There are a couple of sites that I use regular, I will link them below for you :)) I also buy polish through my work ( Im in a salon) xx

  2. Hey! I was just about to ask the same as Robin :). I'm interested in where you buy OPI and China Glaze. I see you have a lot of labels on these two brands and I would love to start buying them :) xx

    1. Hey Natalie, Thank you for the comment. I buy alot of polish from the internet, two sites in particular, I also use ebay. Im lucky enough to be able to buy polish through my work.

      A good site that i use is

      Hope this helps lovely!!xxx

    2. Omg, you've just made my day! Essie for £5.95, I've been paying £8 at boots :o xxx


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