Sunday, 20 May 2012

Urban Outfitters NOTD.......................

Hey everyone!!
Hope that you have all had a fab weekend so far. I wanted to share this gorgeous polish with you for my NOTD post. Its a beautiful peachy pink almost coral Neon from Urban Outfitters.

The above pictures were all taken in natural sunlight.

The shade is called Pom Pom and costs £6.00.
This is my only polish from Urban Outfitters and I must say that I'm pretty pleased.

It applied well, not streaky at all, two coats would of been OK but I did three for a perfect finish. I found that it dried nicely and was really smooth. I will say that it is perhaps a little bit thick, but this could just be me.
I really liked the fact that this doesn't dry to a matte finish when its dry, it had a nice gloss to it.

I adore this colour, as you all know, I'm all about the neon's this year.
My Urban Outfitters only had about a dozen colours and this was the only one that really grabbed me, is the range larger? Is it just my store that has a small polish collection??

Happy Sunday everyone!!!


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