Friday, 18 May 2012

New CiD Rio Bronzer, Love it!!!..................

I thought I would share with you my favourite and go to bronzer of the moment.
Its New CiD's Rio baked bronzer.

I have fallen in love with this bronzer all over again. I love the texture, the finish on the skin and the way the marbleised powder gives just the right amount of colour to my skin.
Whats gorgeous about this bronzer is that is has pinks, beige's, brown and golds all marbled through, this means that you don't get that dreaded 'Orange' look. It warms my skin so well and has little or no shimmer making it fab to use as a contour as well as an all over bronzer for a sun kissed glow.
It costs £22.00 and is available from

To see more about the bronzer and some other fab New CiD products you can have a look at my previous post HERE .

Happy Friday :))



  1. This looks gorgeous, I absolutely love baked blushes and bronzers :) Is it dark? Do you think this is good for people with fair/light skin? Xoxo, Christine♥

    1. Its not to dark for fair skin in my opinion hun, its very buildable and with the marbling comes of beautifully on the skin. I think its a fab all rounder xxxx

  2. I love New CID makeup especially the i-glow the colours are amazing! I got mine from Hairtrade as it seems to be the cheapest place at the moment.

    1. Awww thank you for the tip!! Ill have a look xxx


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