Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sleek, The latest offering, Blush By 3...............

These new Blush By 3 palettes from Sleek seemed to pop up on the radar out of know where.
Being a blush addict I picked up two of them from my local Superdrug. 
They cost £9.99 and as the name suggests hold 3 blushes.

Pink Spirit and Flame

As you can see these are colours that pack a punch. There are 5 altogether in the range, these 2 were by far my favourites tho. They are the two strongest in colour in the range, and just so pretty.

Like all Sleek Blushes we know and love they are super pigmented. The palettes each hold 2 shimmer and 1 matt shade.


L To R
Furnace, Bon Fire and Molten

This in the pan looks like the choice for coral lovers. Furnace is the truest Coral shade whilst Bon Fire and Molten are more on the orange and red side. You definetly need a very light hand with these!!

Pink Sprint

L To R
Pink Parfait, Pink Ice and Pinktini

And now on to the palette best suited to those of you who love a good bright pink. Pink Parfait is the deepsest of the shades, with almost plum tones. Pink Ice is a beautiful bubble gum pink. I used this today and im totally smitten. Great for the spring. Again you do need a light hand. And lastly Pinktini, a softer pink again with some plum tones.

I think that these palettes are great value for money. At £9.99 you are getting 3 high quality super pigmented blushes. If you are just starting in make up or looking to experiment with some colours you may normally steer away from, I think that these are a brilliant place to start from.

The palettes are exclusive to Superdrug. I hope to pick up one other in Lace...

Will you be getting any of these gems?



  1. These look great! I'll definitely need to check them out. Hopefully they have some more tamed down shades, these look too bright for me! xx

    1. The Lace palette is far tamer :)) Its next on my list, lol xxx

  2. I really want one of these but I have been working non stop, I love how they have 2 shimmer and one matte!! Great choices hun!!




    1. Aww thanks lovely :)) Let me know if you do pick them up, id love to know what you think xxx

  3. I love the look of Pink Ice, I really need some new pink blushes so might check these out :) xx

    1. They are super pigmented and im loving them hun :)) Hope your good!!!xxx

  4. Ohhh maria I have wanted pink spirit every since I saw the press release! The middle looks a lot like the super pink mac blush on my post. Big love your fellow blush fiend!


    1. I loved your blush post Liz :)) Oooh i loved your bright pink , thats fab that its similar :)) Hehehe, im so pleased we are both blush addicts!!!xxx


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