Sunday, 8 January 2012

Some recent fails :((.....................

I don't usually have that many products that I end up really disliking, today tho I have two definite fails.
I would like to point out tho, that just because these products are not for me, some of you may love them.

First up is the eye studio eye shadows from Maybelline. I have just one of these in the purple shade.
You get a 2nd colour in these compacts that is a translucent powder with some sparkle through. Right up my street you would think? Unfortunately not. The purple is not that greatly pigmented, its not the worst I've used but comes a long, long way short of what I look for in an eyeshadow. The translucent powder has terrible fall out and when applied in all honesty looks no different to me at all as the glitter seems to end up pretty much anywhere than on my eye.

As I said it may just be me, but this for me is a total fail.
Next up Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.

I am a massive fan of the original version of this foundation, Healthy Mix. And when I saw this I had to try it out. This in comparison to the original has a more a serum texture, Bourjois say gel. It is also packed with more of the fab antioxidants that are crammed into the original formula, sounds good so far doesn't it?!?!?

Well I can honestly say that this for me is the worst foundation I've ever tried. It literally for me did nothing. I think that I personally get better results with tinted moisturiser. I don't know why but as soon as it hit my skin it seemed to vanish to nothing. I tried it with and without a primer, with and without powder, I really tried everything as I really wanted to like it.

Sadly for me, nothing could make me like this foundation :((

Thank you for reading my post.
Have you had any products that you have been let down by???



  1. Everyone rates healthy mix! I wont be getting it after your post! Great blog by the way:)

  2. i love this foundation, it gives me flaweless skin. strange as i know loads that love it.

  3. @Hollie Galvin Original healthy mix is fab, LOVE it, thats why i was so disapointed :(( Aww thanku, glad u enjoy it, hope you have a fab day xxx Such a shame, wish I did love it too :((xxx

  4. I've not tried this foundation or the healthy mix one but I have seen so many positive reviews about the healthy mix that I might get that one and ignore the serum one!! :) Thanks for the review. xx

  5. Love the post! I actually got the serum-infused loreal one over Xmas as left all my makeup in London..... And I thought that was very disappointing!! X

  6. @Laura Lou Beauty Aww thanku!! Im so pleased its not just me that isnt impressed with all the new 'serum' foundation rage xxx

  7. I love fail posts. I rely on beauty bloggers to tell the truth on products so I know to avoid them. I was curious about that shadow and I'm not anymore.

    I found your blog through the Beauty Blog Hop and am currently following. Please be sure to check out my blog as well. -Jen

  8. @Jennifer Williams Hi :)) Thanks so much for the comment, I love the Blog hop, makes it so easy to find great blogs :)) xxxx


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