Monday, 12 December 2011

My Brighten up Monday NOTD feat Essies Pink Parka...............

Now I don't know about you but these grey days are beginning to dampen my festive spirit. Because of this I have decided that I am going to do a Brighten Up Monday NOTD, I might start this as a weekly NOTD post, what do you all think??

Well enough of that, here is my first Brighten Up Monday Mani.....
And its certainly BRIGHT!!! lol.
Its Essie's Pink Parka.

I hope this has brightened up your Monday as much as it has mine. Pink Parka dries to a Matt finish but as you know I'm not a massive Matt fan and so used my usual top coat for a high shine finish.
This is with 3 coats to give a nice even finish as I find that you do get a little streaking with this polish. I do think its worth the effort tho.
This is one of my favourite polishes, admittedly one that I normally save for sunnier days but It has definitely made me smile on this grey day!

Happy Monday....
Post me your links if you fancy joining me with Brighten Up Mondays NOTD posts.

Do you like the idea??



  1. I so want this colour. its gorgeous, if you said hot pink I would have to pass but seeing it is another thing. Love!

  2. What an a amazing colour, I know what you mean about wanting something bright. I am so bored of wearing dark colours at the moment i have wanted to wear some pink and orange! This looks fab on you. x

  3. @Fab Fingertips Hi ya Esther, hope your well!!! Glad you like the colour, i think its fab for a change too :)) Whats your favourite bright??xxxx

  4. @laura Hey lovely :)) Its so bright its fab isnt it :)) Glad you love it too!!xxx

  5. I am in love with this color, i really want it now! YOu have lovely nails! By the way I found your blog on Monday Beauties Blog Hop, and I am now a new follower!

  6. I want that polish.


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