Sunday, 6 November 2011

Umberto Gianni Backcomb In A Bottle..............

In my October Favourites I promised you a full review on the amazing Umberto Gianni Backcomb In A Bottle.

Backcomb In A Bottle is part of the Glam Hair range by Umberto Gianni.
Its a non sticky light spray that gives you that gorgeous root boots ;look that we all crave and can normally on achieve with the use of backcomb.

To use it all you do is section off your hair, for example take your crown section and then spray in at the roots, wait a few seconds and let your hair back down. Now all you have to do is wait a minute or so for the spray to dry, next up give your hair a Lil Jujj your hair up for that lift you want.

This stuff is amazing and lasts all day, if you want your hair bigger just repeat in smaller sections, through out the day a little jujj will freshen up your style.

This is also fantastic for using on your hair for up do's as it adds amazing texture to the hair.

Umberto Gianni is available from Boots and is currently on Offer, Normally Backcomb In A Bottle costs £5.61 at the moment the whole Glam Hair range has 1/3 off so is a bargain at £3.74

Why don't you give it a try, its fantastic for the festive season and those Glam hair days!!!


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