Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Foil Tastic NOTD, China Glaze Icicle.....

Here is my first NOTD from the Santa's little helpers set from China Glaze that I picked up, see the post HERE


Now this for me is the ultimate silver foil polish.
Its just soooo shiny and super reflective, I'm really loving it. Icicle applied really nicely, these pictures are with 3 thin coats as it was my first time using this polish and I wanted to see how well it built up. 3 gave me a perfectly Opaque nail cover with I'm loving!!!

Silver is a colour I'm not that confident wearing as I'm not sure I like it against my skin tone, but I'm really liking this :))

What do you all think???



  1. Thats a lovely silver nail polish. If I was allowed with work, I would wear that all the time. I really like it :) xxx

  2. @Kristin Aww glad you like it hun. Hows work?? still loving it i hope!!!xxxx


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