Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A combination made in heaven, for pink wednesday...............

You all know I like to do a bling finger with my manicures, and usually its sparkly, today I wanted to try a bold contrast for my I wear Pink on Wednesdays NOTD.....

I used OPI Mod About You for the accent finger, 2 Coats .

 OPI Lucern-tainly Look Marvelous 2 Coats

This full cover shimmer packed gun metal Grey polish is stunning, I have mentioned how much I am enjoying grey at the moment and this is no exception. The shimmer makes the colour which could look drab come to life. The polish applies gorgeously and dries quickly.
I love the punch of the Mod About You with it too.

What contrast manicures are you loving at the moment??



  1. wow I love these colours! they really compliment each other :) I love having the one different nail on each hand, actually blogged about it a couple of days ago hehe :)
    Just read your interview over on Nykki's blog, found it really interesting! I've had a little browse through your blog and I really love it, you have some great beauty hints and tips :D
    I live in hastings but am always in eastbourne, it's such a lovely town isn't it :)
    you're so lucky to be getting married in vegas!! my brother got married over there and he loved it :)
    take care <3 Holz oxo

  2. forgot to say, I've never used this nail varnish brand butt it looks really good, will have to give it a try :D
    <3 Holz oxo

  3. I have both of theseeeee, love them! I reckon a french manicure with these two colours would be amazing too - pink over the whole nail with the silver on the tips... what do you think? xx

  4. @Holziepink Thanks for your fab comments hun!!! Im pleased you like my blog, thanku :)) My mother in law lives in hastings :) Small world!!!
    If you get a chance, please try OPI they are amazing!!xxxxx

    @Cara Robinson Ooooh thats such a good idea!!! I will have to try that out, Im not too good at French but im so excited to try these colours now you have said!! hehehe. xxxxx


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