Sunday, 16 October 2011

Revlon Starry Pink, You are mine, hehehe..................

A colour I have seen popping up on various Blogs and YouTube videos in recent weeks is Relvon Starry Pink. A plae creamy baby pink with silver glitter through. I have seen a few swatches on Blogs and feeli in love with this pretty girlie colour.

I tweeted @RevlonUK to ask if this gorgeous colour was being released this side of the Atlantic and was told, sadly No :((

I decided to have a look on good Ol Ebay, which I know many of you have a love hate relationship with.
I have always been fairly lucky, and when I found this polish for £7.00 delivered from the States I decided that I would make this my 2nd purchase for my Spending ban ( More Here ) and take the plunge.

And here it is, Starry Pink in all its glory, hehe.

Now I know this may not be for everyone, but I cant wait to try this lil beauty out.

What is on your wish list at the moment???



  1. I have this, it's very nice, I did a post on it too! You should seek out Blue Mosaic as well. x

  2. This look so beautiful, cant wait to see how it looks on you :)

  3. That looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see some swatches please!! :)

  4. NOTD post coming this week ladies :))))xxx


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