Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Red October.................

As I have mentioned more than once recently, I am loving lipstick at the moment.
Something which often stumps people, me included is the perfect Red lipstick. Because of this I have decided that I am going to do a series of 'Red October' posts, looking for my favourite Red Lipstick.

Today's post is about the much talked about Kate Moss for Rimmel range.

Lasting Finish By Kate Shade 01

Now I personally think this is the colour most people will think of when you talk about Red Lipstick. Its a true red that has depth and not a hit of orange.
I find the texture of these lipsticks means that they apply best with a brush, letting you get that perfect lip line. I must admit that I did after wearing this for a day find that my lips felt a little on the dry side, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of Carmex tho.

I do think that the heart is a better representation of the colour than the lip swatch, its what I would call a blood red, or the colour my lips go when I chew on them ( I only do this when I'm nervous....eeek)

All in all I quite like this lipstick I wont be rushing out to try the other 'Kate' colours, this is for a couple of reasons, I'm not really a fan of long lasting lipsticks and the other colours, none of them spoke to me. lol.

The Kate collection of Lipsticks cost £5.49 and are available from your local Rimmel stand.



  1. Wow! Absolutely gorge! Love red lips especially for winter styling! So chic :)


  2. That really suits you babe. That colour is really pretty ♥


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