Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Red October, Sleek Pout Paint Pin Up, Glamour in a Tube..............

This weeks contender for the Red October trophy is Pin Up Pout Paint by Sleek.
These were released earlier this year and are the first High street take on the famous OCC lip tars.
For me they are a fantastic dupe.
Anyway enough of that, back to Red October...

You have to use a brush to apply Pout Paints, and in my opinion for red this is generally the best way of getting a perfect result.

Lol, now I did go over my lower lip line slightly, but this so far is the BEST red I have ever used.
It is a classic red with just the right amount of blue. It makes my teeth look sparkling and lasts like a dream. I don't find the Pout Paints dry my lips like so many other longer lasting formulas. 

I think that this is the epitome of glamour, I felt like a movie star wearing this lipstick!!!

Pout paints cost £4.99 and are available from your local Sleek stand in selected Superdrug stores, alternatively you can order direct from

So far this is my firm favourite, this product is Glamour in a tube!!!



  1. I purchased a supposedly classic red lipstick from Collection 2000 but it's nowhere near as intense as this Pout Paint. Will probably end up getting this too. :p

    Awesome blog. Found your link on Mondays Beauties Blog Hop and I'm following now. :) x

  2. @Miss L Its sooo fab isnt it :))xx

    @Sirarah Aww thanku for the follow!! I really do recommend this colour, its just such a classic Red. Yayyy to the Beauty Hop xx


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