Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ELF Brow Palette..................

As you know I am a big big fan of ELF cosmetics and love lots of their items. Today's review is on the Brow Palette that I picked up in the last 50% sale.
And as much as I hate to say it, I'm a bit disappointed with it....

Palette comes with the standard wax and powder, I chose medium as although I'm a bottle blonde, my natural colour is a very dark brown and so are my brows meaning my usual shade, from Rimmel for example is soft brown.

The palette also comes with a little brush that actually isn't that bad, and for a handbag would be fine.

My problem lays in 2 areas. Firstly the colour. No matter how light handed I am this colour just ends up making my brows look almost black and really not very nice. I have tried 2 or 3 brushes, MAC , Sigma and Smashbox and none of them improve the situation. 
Second is the staying power. In short is doesn't. Not much else to say on that really, it just seem to vanish and leave my brows looking patchy. 

No I know that It may just be me that this kit isn't suitable for and at £1.75 ( Normal price £3.50) I really am not that upset. I'm sure many of you love it, unfortunately its just not for me.



  1. yeah, I thought about purchasing this but just didn't. I actually just began getting interested in keep my brows looking good. I have to give the credit to the HelixThread Ease tool though, I have never been able to pluck my eyebrows, it has always hurt way too much! :)

    As far as eyebrow powders go, do you know the difference between eyeshadow and brow shadow? I don't at all.

    I actually use a brow gel on my brows then fill it in with some brown eyeshadow. It does what I need it to do! :)

    Have you tried that?

    xoxo, nykki

  2. Ooooh I'm glad you reviewed this as I was thinking of trying it out. I think I'll stick to my MAC eyebrow pencil, expensive but stays on all day!
    I've given you another blog award, haha!
    :) xx

  3. Was going to buy this today, glad I didn't in the end,especially after reading this!

  4. I didn't really like it either. idk why but I was confused about which one was the powder and gel :/ maybe it was just my crazy self.

  5. Im sooo pleased it wasnt just me @MissAshDG I hate being negative but this really wasnt for me :/xxxx

  6. I think I may have to give that a go Nykki :))xxxx


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