Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Can a lipgloss brighten your smile???.........

I'm sure you will all of seen these Smile Enhancing glosses by Bourjois recently. I got this one about a month ago and have been seeing what I think.

The gloss has two ends, one with a traditional gloss, all be it a sparkly one lol, and the other end has a teeth whitening gel.
The gel has particles that are meant to make your teeth appear whiter and your smile in turn brighter.

the colour I chose was a very pale pink, ideal for layering over lipsticks. As you can see from the swatch it has very little colour. The full range does have more intense colours there are 6 available in total, this was just the one I was draw to.

Now as I said I got this about a month ago, in that time I have worn the gloss several times, applying the gel to my teeth.

Here are some before and afters....
Please excuse the scary smile!!! lol



Now in all honesty I can not see any difference with my teeth. I do however really like the gloss. Its not at all sticky which is fab, but does mean that you will need to reapply more often than with some glosses.

I think if you are buying this gloss because you like the colour that's fab, also the teeth gel does refresh your mouth with minty freshness so is quite cute. I just dont think the brightening agents give enough of a difference to actually give a whiter smile....

At £8.99 they are on the slightly more pricey side for a drugstore gloss too.

Have you try the Smile Enhancing Lipgloss by Bourjois??

What did you think??



  1. I saw these today, i just thought they were a sparkly gloss, didnt realise about the tooth stuff. cool idea though!

  2. It makes your lips look lovely and fuller :) but I don't see a difference in teeth whitening though! It is a gorgeous colour though :) xox

  3. @Laura :)) they are super sparkly arnt they :))xxx

    @Confessions of a Makeuplover Hi Sophia, im so plleased its not just me that cant see the difference :))xxx


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