Sunday, 18 September 2011

Vaseline Cocoa Butter, beauty bargain...................

When I was poorly recently I found that my skin was been becoming dryer and dryer.
Having never really suffered with dry skin, I only had lighter body lotions and felt my skin was in need of a heavier, more nourishing cream.
Richard took me to Tesco ( v glamorous, hehe) I needed to go but couldn't face getting ready in case I bumped into someone, so a late night visit was the way forward. I looked totally gorgeous in my massive hoodie and joggers lol.

Anyway, it was nice to get fresh air and get a few bits.

I picked up this.....

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Smoothing Body Butter. It was on offer ( half price) and promised to sooth my skin and take away the dryness. This was the one.....

The body Butter is a rich, nourishing and luxurious feeling cream. Its a bit different to light lotions that im used to, it takes a little longer to absorb, and when it does your skin feels silky soft.
 It has a light Cocoa smell but nothing to heavy, as I'm not a fan of the smell of Palmer's I was a bit worried about the smell, I needn't of been :))
 It has taken away the tight dry feeling I had on my arms and legs and is a product that I would definitly buy again. Especially at half price!!!
I think this is something im gonna be using more often in the winter months.

What Body Butters do you reccommend???



  1. I love the body butters from the Body Shop, especially the strawberry one.


  2. I love my Palmer's Cocoa Butter - such a treat when my skin is dry and feels like rubbing chocolate all over my body (in a good way!) yummm :)

    xxx Kat

  3. This sounds lovely! I love the Body Shop body butters especially Shea Butter, Mango and Coconut! xx

  4. The texture looks amazing, too bad Vaseline still tests on animals ):

  5. I still prefer my Johnsons and Weleda oil but am getting in that mood to try more body butters. I do want to try some from the Burts Bee's range as there products are amazing!! ♥

  6. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter and Boots Naturals Shea Butter are the best.

  7. Hi Girls, I had no idea GABY that they Animal tested :(( Thats the end of this for me


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