Monday, 19 September 2011

Tesco VIVO..................

When the lovely Kerry at Vivo cosmetics asked me if I would like to try some of the new range I jumped at the chance. My Tesco have not yet got this great value new range in yet and so I was feeling a little bit out of the loop.

The full range offers Makeup must haves including both Pearl and Matte mono shadows, Trio and baked shadows, Mascara, Liners ( pencil and liquid) Lashes, Lipstick, Gloss, Highlighters, Blushes Bronzers and much much more. So as you can see there really is something for everyone. Prices start at just £1.50 and the most expensive item in the range (The Face Primer) is £6.00.

Here is what I was sent

Trio Eye Shadow Palette in Sugar Plum £2.50
Compact Powder in Buttermilk £2.39
Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss in Pink Frost £1.99

First the shadow palette. These shadows are a shimmer finish and have fab pigmentation.
With this palette you coulld do either a very subtle eye or a more dramatic smokey eye. Im really impressed with thequality of these shadows and cant wait to get hold of a couple of the other colour options.

Next we have the Pressed powder in Buttermilk. Since recieving this I have had it in my makeup bag for freshen ups throughout the day. It doesnt cake on the skin and leaves a nice natural finish. Not to Matte which I like.

And lastly we have the Shimmer and Shine Lipgloss.
Now this gloss has the most AMAZING fragrance EVER!!! Its a fruity citrus and really lovely to wear. The applicator is a flattened Doe foot and apples a nice amount of gloss. 
This is a gloss that I personally will and have layered over lipsticks. It gives a nice pink frost apperance to the lip.
Its wear time is average, and needs reapplying frequently. This is something I expect from gloss tho.
I do find that it leaves my lips feeling lovely and soft too :)

So to sum up, I am really bimpressed with this range. It is offering affordable Make up essentuals. I am looking forward to my local store getting the range so that I can have a look at other colours and items. By far my favourite item is the shadows, they are lovely and apply beautifully, wear well and blend like a dream.
The packaging is simple, its sturdy enough with very little to like or dislike.

So all in all a nice new range to welcome to the cosmetic world!!!

Have you tried Vivo yet??



  1. That shadow palette is lovely. I really can't wait to try out this brand as I've heard a lot about it. Can't wait to see some FOTD's ^_^

  2. *bimpressed
    just reviewed some things from them too! x

  3. Ahhh it is so cool to see some of the other things reviewed from the range. I like the palette you have, it is like a tamer version of the one we've just reviewed! x

  4. The eye palette is pretty, shame I can't get hold of this range as none of the Tesco's near me carry it.


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