Tuesday, 6 September 2011

NYC Chroma Face Glow..........

So about a month ago I saw a post by the lovely Fee from Make Up Savvy about the NYC Chroma Face Glow Powders. In her post Fee mentioned that there was one that was a dead ringer for the MAC MSF in Petticoat. This was a Skin Finish that I was gutted to of missed out on.
In the post Fee said that as we are unable to get the Chroma Face Glows here that she had managed to track them down on EBay.

So off I went, and found the powder......

Now me being me, I couldn't just get the one. The seller had two colours available, Moonstone(R) the Petticoat dupe and Sunstone a pretty coral bronze(L)

L To R
Sunstone and Moonstone

This is a close up of Sunstone. As you can see it has a beautiful sheen to it with some gold and deeper bronze marbled through the pan. 

Moonstone is a pink with some deeper pink  and a  few flecks of a deep beige marbled through.
This doesn't have as much of an obvious shimmer as the Sunstone and will work great as a blush or highlight.

Natural Light
Sunstone and Moonstone

With Flash
Sunstone and Moonstone

What do you think??? I'm really impressed with these powders. I wore Moonstone as a blush the other day and it wore brilliantly.It looked pretty and natural giving a natural pink flush to my cheeks. Its great for those days when I want a less made up look and just the appearance of great skin.

I cant wait to to try out Sunstone, it looks right up my street :)))



  1. wow I love these might have to get them!

    please follow me :) peachessmith.blogspot.com

    xxx Peaches

  2. Lovely aren't they :) Sooo need to get Sunstone now, so pretty looking!

    Thanks for the mention btw ;)

    Fee x

  3. I keep meaning to buy these everytime I go shopping! They look fab!xxxxx


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