Thursday, 1 September 2011

China Glaze Haul..............

So time for part 2 of my recent nail polish Haul, and this time I'm talking about China Glaze.
When I was looking at the array of polishes I couldn't help but pick some of these pretty babies up. I had originally gone to look for the Metro Chic Collection, but alas it wasn't in my local store yet.

As I'm finding it hard to admit that summer is over (Its officially the First day of Autumn today)
I couldn't help but get these pretty NEON shades.
I'm a real fan of the China Glaze NEONS, they often dry to a matt finish which isn't my cup of tea but with my standard top coat look amazing. They are fab for toes and fingers alike.

Enough waffling, here is what I got....

L To R
Pink Voltage, Purple Panic and Flying Dragon

Theses are all shade I know I'm going to love, they are very Me. The most out my comfort zone is Flying Dragon, simply as I'm not a massive Purple fan, it has gorgeous micro glitter running through tho and is just soooo pretty, I cant wait to try it out.

Next I got these...

Frostbite and Avalanche

You cant see just how pretty Avalanche is, its a silver grey with lilac tones running through and is just beautiful I think this is going to be fab for winter.
I chose the Frostbite as Ive been after a pretty Royal Blue for a little while and this ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for.

So that's part 2 of my mini haul....
what China Glaze Polishes do you think I'm missing out on???



  1. Oooh pretty, I really need flying dragon and frostbite, I have Purple Panic and its gorgeous, I dont know why its called purple panic though???

  2. Yeah I always wonder why it's called Purple Panic too when it's blatantly pink! I have Flying Dragon and it is pretty but needs a good top coat. Frostbite looks nice :)

  3. I have avalanche...i love it. It has the tendency to go a little streaky though, so try apply thin layers...but other than that I love it!!

    I am selling Jamaican Out in my nail varnish blogsale next week, just to give you a heads up ;) xxxxxx

  4. Wow, these look gorgeous :) For Audrey and Something Sweet are beautiful colors :)

  5. Oooohh you have a new background... it looks great! I love these colours, ecspecially the last silvery nailvarnish. I really want a silver nailvarnish so I might have a look at the China Glaze polishes. Great post. The eyeshadows are great, thank you so much for my lovely gift xxx


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