Sunday, 7 August 2011

Whats in my Purse/bag...........

One of my favourite blog posts and YouTube videos are the whats in bag ones, I love seeing what people carry around with them. So I decide to share my handbag with you!!!

The Bag

 The Junk

No wonder my arm aches!!!!!

My diary, some random receipts and my LV note book that was a gift of my nana.

My 2 purses, I always have a separate purse for loose change, a little obsession and a bit OCD!! lol

My favourite Soap&Glory hand food, A L'occitan mini Hand cream, pain killers ( had a migraine the other day) and Dr Spot for 'Spot emergencies'

2 hand sanitizers, a nail file and gum ( Why 3 packets??lol)

Bobby pins, the remote to my camera to remind me to get a new one coz this is broken!! My lucky cross and a hair tie.

Georgio Armarni Diamonds Intense and my Mobile and case ( From Abi for Christmas last year!!)

My house keys on the left and the salon keys on the right

And lastly my makeup bag and my little Morgan pouch that i put my lippies in every day, I only empty it about once a week so its always full!!! Lol Ive also got my Model Mirror in the pouch.

So what have I learnt about myself from this lil exercise, I'm superstitious, that I'm a bit of a germ fobe that likes to have fresh breath and soft hands, lol. I wear alot of lip products, love my phone and am obsessed with my change purse!!!

What does your Purse/Handbag say about you???


Maria xxxxx


  1. I love watching/ reading what's in your bag posts. I think it's because I'm really nosey and want inspiration for what to put in my own bag.

    I love your bag! A LV and a Chanel bag are both on my wish list.

    I'm not sure what my bag says about me. I hope that people looked in my bag would think that I'm organised, love my phone and like everything girlie!!

    Here's my what's in my bag tag? If you'd like to look at it:

    Naomi xxx

  2. i love posts like these. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the handbag. I'm a bit like you - i always carry too many packets of gum - why do we do it?!!

    Lovely post! :):)

    Check out my blog (i'm still a bit of a slacker when it comes to it mind)...

  3. Wow! A big beautiful bag for all your amazing things inside! Yahh so pleased you reached 50 followers (you deserve it!), and now your blog giveaway is on :) Great post as per usual sweet xxx


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