Sunday, 7 August 2011

OPI Slight Obession Part 2........

It has now come time for part 2 of my OPI Collection, again I've divided it up.
There is Neutrals, Blues, and then 3 different glitters, pinks,blues/silvers and golds.

Blue/Silver Glitter

L To R
I Juggle..Men, Crown Me Already, Servin Up Sparkle, Paris Couture for Sure, Last Friday Night and Absolutly Alice. 

I Juggle..Men A sheer white with tiny blue reflects, great top coat.
Crown Me Already the ultimate silver glitter!! AMAZING!!!
Servin Up Sparkle a beautiful rainbow glitter, another favourite!!
Paris Couture For Sure Like the GOSH holographic polish, only better!!!
Last Friday Night A blue glitter with a sheer blue base colour.
Absolutly Alice an opaque blue glitter with some gold glitter through.

Pink Glitters

L To R
Mad As A Hatter, Cherry Much In Love, I Lily Love You and Teenage Dreams

Mad As A Hatter A multi colour (Quite purpley) opaque glitter.
Cherry Much In Love A red base polish with red sparkly glitter through.
I Lily Love You Pink based polish with some glitter and pieces of iridescent foil through.
Teenage Dream Pink toned glitter polish, opaque after 3 coats.

Gold Glitters

Glitter Bit Of Music, Text Me-Text You, Simply Smashing, Sparke De Triomphe and Bring On The Bling.

Glitter Bit Of Music A top coat with VERY VERY Subtle gold reflects
Text Me-Text You Another Top Coat but this time with rainbow reflects, again subtle.
Simply Smashing a bright green/gold not glitter but really sparkly polish, pretty!!
Sparke De Triomphe My favourite gold glitter, a lovely shade, not at all brassy.
Bring On The Bling a gold based multi colour opaque glitter, sparklicious!!!

The Neutrals

L To R
Upfront And Personal, Pearls Night Out, Kiss On The Chic, Isn't That Precious, Princesses Rule and Steady As She Rose.
(Also in swatch below, Moon Over Mubai and Skull and Glossbones)

Up Front And Personal A beautiful soft gold pearl
Pearls Night out A white pearl
Kiss On The Chic a pale creamy sheer pink
Isn't That precious A deep sheer pink
Princesses Rule A semi opaque pink pearl with some silver reflects
Steady As She Rose soft creamy lavendaer/lilac
Moon Over Mumbai A sheer beige grey, very elegant :))
Skull & Glossbones A grey with hints of beige

SkullAnd Glossbones, Moon Over Mumbai, Austin-Tanacious Turquoise, Whats with The Cattitude and I want To Be A Lonestar.

Austin-Tenacious Turquoise A metallic Turquois, opaque in 3 coats
Whats With The Cattitude A creamy bright baby blue, my favourite blue by OPI
I Want To Be A Lonestar a grey toned blue, with slight shimmer.

So that's pretty much it!! It is a little embarrassing how many polishes I have, its a collection tho that has taken a good few years. I like to think that I wont buy anymore, but in all honesty I know I will.

Whats your favourite OPI polish??


Maria xxxxx


  1. Ohhhh I really want Teenage Dream but can't find it anywhere now! :(
    Great collection tho :)

  2. Oooh fab collection, I am also obsessed with OPI, I think what's with the catitude is my fav colour I own, along with OPI Ink. I would love to add Mad as a hatter to my collection, unfortunately its not available any more :(.

  3. Ooo Can you link me to the seller on ebay you use? I'm searching for Teenaged Dream too xx


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