Monday, 1 August 2011

TRESemme Heat Defence Review..........

On my never ending quest to protect my hair, I am always looking for a good heat protector.
About 6 weeks ago I picked up the TRESeme Heat Defence, a spray I have heard alot of good things about. Was it going to live up to my expectations, that was the question!!!

Ive been using this for the 6 weeks now. It sprays well and doesn't get a clogged nozzle like so many others do. I use this whenever I straighten, blow dry or curl my hair.
Now I cant say honestly if it has stopped my split ends getting worse. I can tell you tho that this leaves my hair soft ( No sticky residue) when I use it. I can also tell you that in my opinion my hair is in better condition at this stage of my hair routine (another 3 weeks till my cut).

I've used this on my clip in hair extensions too and it has been great with those too.

I think for the price of £4.99 from Boots it is a great value product.

I haven't tried any of the high end heat protection sprays, are there any you think I'm missing out on???


Maria xxxxx

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