Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Seche Vite, Does anyone else get wrinkles????

Si I haven done a NOTD this week as I broke a nail down so low that it bled :(( Hate my nails when they are super short :((

I do still keep my nails painted tho and last night something weird happened....

I used my Seche Vite for the top coat and it seemed to make all the polish underneath ( OPI Steady as she Rose) almost crack and wrinkle. I took a picture but its hard to see....

You can just see how it has shrunk the polish away from my cuticle and very slightly see the ridges in the polish....

Does anyone know what Ive done??
Help me pleaseeeeeeeeee...



  1. I get that all the time thats why I don't use Seche anymore, don't know why it does it though.

    I use Essie top coat now and that works fine.

  2. Oh my goodness @pinksparkle84, im so relieved its not just me!!!xx

  3. I've never seen that problem before. Maybe you applied too much too soon on top of a thick basecoat? Can't think what else could be causing it. Hope this doesn't start happening to me :s xXx


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