Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How I clean my makeup brushes.....

Its something we all know we should do, and in alot of cases more often.
I decided that today I would share with you how I clean my brushes and look after them.
This post is a little bit picture happy and some of them a little obvious, lol, it was just a hard one to photograph.

You will need...
Your brushes ( No, Really??)
A soft towel, I use a tea towel so I don't get loose lint on my brushes.
Kitchen tissue paper.

And your brush wash of choice, I like Johnsons Baby Shampoo.
Its gentle and smells nice :))

I start by running my brush under tepid water, I dont use hot as hot water may loosen the glue holding the bristles in the finial. I always point my brush down so that the water doesn't run up the handle.

Next i massage a small amount of the baby shampoo into the bristles. I put some of the shampoo on the draining board and dip my brush into it, this way I don't get to much on the brush.

After I have washed all the soap from the brush, and repeated if necessary I shake the excess water from the bristles and then squeeze any left over into a piece of kitchen towel.

All that's left to do then is reshape your brush bristles and leave it to dry.
I ALWAYS leave my brushes laying flat, again so that water doesn't run into the base of the bristles and loosen the glue over time.

And there we have it, all done....

I hope this helps those of you after a quick, efficient way of cleaning your brushes and looking after them.

I also in between spot cleaning use a solution of  a few drops of Tea Tree oil and water. You give the spray bottle a little shake and then just spray the brushes, it cleans and also has anti bacterial benefits.  

Have a safe and peaceful day!!

Maria xxxxx

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  1. Bloody hell you have a lot of make up brushes! :) That is impressive!!!

    Love Soph x x


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