Monday, 25 July 2011

Woop Woop Lush has arrived :)))).............

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, our new Lush store finally opened this week :))
Its fair to say I'm a little excited!! I have loved lush since i was bought a gift set a few christmas' ago.

So to celebrate the opening, i thought it was only fair that i do a lil haul, hehe. In fairness i had nothing left from my last Lush shopping trip so it was needed, hehe.

I'm starting with the Bubblebars i got...

The Comforter (£3.99, 200g)
Ive never had this one before, it was the gorgeous berry colour that made me pick it for a smell, and believe me it smells Divine. It has cassis and promises creamy bubbles, and pretty pink water :))


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds (£3.99, 200g)
Ive had this Bubble bar before and i really love it. It has a patchouli and frankincense smell and lingers in the bathroom the next day....beautiful.

Now some of the famous bath bombs...

I cant remember what this one is called, its just soooo cute tho, hehe.

Twilight bath ballistic (£2.99)
Ive had this one before too, its amazing, its like a comforting bed time drink that leaves me de stressed, relaxed and ready for bedtime :))

Space Girl (£1.90)
These Space Girl Ballistics are just so cute and fun for a night out as they have a little glitter in them. The fragrance is blackcurrant, sweet and fun.

Lastly a couple of bits Ive not tried...

I bought one of the sugarlip scrubs on my last out of town trip to Lush, i was devastated when i got home and realised that i hadn't put it in the bag :(( So here we have lipscrub take 2. (£4.95)
The small round tablets on the left are clensing tabs, i got one in vit C and one in vit E( 0.75p each), you dissolve them in  a bowl of hot water and steam with them, ill be interested to see how they fair...
And lastly one of the little Charity tin hand creams (£1.00)

So now i have my lovely new shiny LUSH store in town, no more trapsing to here and there to get my bits.

Do you have any recommendations of things you think i should try??

Check out LUSH at

Mwah for now,

Maria xxxxxx

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