Thursday, 28 July 2011

OPI Miss Universe Collection......

I haven't seen very much about the OPI Miss Universe collection, It was only as i browsed through several Nail blogs that I came across it.
Here is the OPI advert...

Having see the blogs, there was one colour that really caught my eye, and yes it was the glitter shade, Crown Me Already.

Its a silver version of Sparke De Triomphe, the gold glitter from the Grand Slam range.

I really love this polish and cant wait to use it :)))

Does anyone know the launch date of the Miss Universe collection in the UK??
I got this one off of Ebay....From a us store :((


Maria xxxxx


  1. So jealous!! Love the look of this polish!

    Can't wait to see it on your NOTD :)

  2. Don't know the UK Launch date but it's probably best to stick with Ebay, cheaper than buying them in the UK and I get pro discount.


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