Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Get to know me Tag.....

I have noticed that there are alot of tags out there in the blogger community so i thought i would start one of myself, Remember everyone, Its just for fun!! Hehehe.

So lets get started.....

What Time is it??-----12.43pm
Whats your name??----- Maria Leeanne Mar
Do you have any piercings??----- Only my ears, I'm scared of needles!!
What was the most recent movie you saw at the cinema??----- The Hangover 2 ( LOVE IT!!!!!!!!)

What colour are your eyes??----- Dark brown
Where were you born??----- London :))
Favourite food??----- I love all food, I'm a proper foodie. If i had to choose tho, you cant beat a good roast!!
Have you ever been married??-----No, I'm engaged tho
Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry??----- All the time!! I'm a real family girl, I'm a Nana's girl. I have Richard my other half and babies (Harry Charlotte and Albert, 2 chihuahuas and a Yorkie cross) at home to, who i love more than words.
Last gig or concert you went to??----- Lady Gaga at the O2, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Bacon bits or croutons??----- I love Bacon!!!
Favourite day of the week??-----Sunday :))))
Favourite restaurant??----- Locally Picassio's, i could eat there every day, i love Italian!!
Favourite Ice cream flavour??----- If its Haagen Dazs it has to be cookies and cream, other wise vanilla.

Disney or Warner Bros??----- Disney, gotta love Lady & The Tramp!!!
Mcdonalds or Burger King??----- I'm a golden arches girl!!
What colour is your bedroom carpet??----- Beige
If you had an unlimited credit card you never has to pay back, what shop would you max it out in??----- Louis Vuitton i think, actually no Selfridges, they have Louis and makeup!!!! Hehehe
What do you do when your board??----- I'm never really board, always have something to do.
Favourite colour??----- A cliche but Pink, hehe.

Lastly, how many pets do you have, and what are they??----- I have 3 dogs, or the babies as i call them. Harry a bichon x Yorkie, Charlotte a long coat Chihuahua and Albert, a smooth coat chihuahua. They are one of the loves of my life and can make me smile even if I'm sad!!

All together now, Ahhhhhhh, hehe.

So i TAG you all, please post your links to you answers in the comments bar. I love hearing from you!!!


Maria xxxxx

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