Thursday, 4 July 2013

My Inglot Palettes and swatches......

Hi Everyone!!!

A bit of a different post today. 

I wanted to share with you my Inglot Palettes.
I love my Inglot shadows but because they have numbers, I think they are sometimes harder to remember the number name etc. I found Inglot palette videos so much help when doing my online orders in the past.

I really hope you enjoy the video!!!

24, 53, 37, 72 and 446

328, 467, 46, 414 and 471

402, 153, 154, 461 and 463

419, 344, 327, 465 and 423

Thank you so much as always!!!



  1. Maria you little enabler!! I have never tried Inglot but it is something we have in Dubai! You have totally got me wanting to run down and pick up 37, 471, 402, 153, 154, 419 and 423!! I do love shimmer in my eyeshadows!! Xxxxxx


  2. I really want an inglot palette! Great post btw! It would mean so much if you were to check out my blog

    Courtney x

  3. I really like to have all Inglot Palettes because i am crazy about that and you are targeting the nature of girls actually thanks .


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