Sunday, 16 June 2013

Taupe Eye shadows, my favorites......

Hi everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA Recently, things have been a little crazy.

But I am back to talk about one of my favorite things with you, Taupe eye shadow.
It is a shade that I am completely addicted to and love to wear.

I feel it is a colour that suits all skin tones and there really is a taupe for everyone, whether you are looking for a soft silvery/lilac tone, a deep purple/brown tone or more of a olive/bronze tone there really is a shade for you.

I have got 12 of my favorites and put them together to share with you in this video, as well as all tones, there are all prices from both the drugstore as well as highend shadows.

What are your top taupe shadows? Are there any that you think I need to try???

Thankyou so much as always for watching and all your support and lovely comments, they really do make my days!!!


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