Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Amy Childs Lashes, A new found love.......

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I like glamorous looks for both the day and night.
The way I like to take a look from day to night is by adding some gorgeous lashes, and the ones I am sharing with you today are certainly gorgeous.

These are the Amy Childs' Lashes in style Tease 2.
A soft lash with medium and long lashes with the added bonus of a little sparkle along the lash line.
They are an ideal lash for added glamour for any night time eye look.

The lashes are super comfortable to wear. They have little or no band making them easy to blend and apply. They are very light and pack far more punch than you would at first think looking so delicate. 
They are also really long lasting and can be worn multiple times, something I personally am a massive fan of.

Something else that i really love about these lashes if that they come off the card, no dragging or pulling that I find means I quite often misshape my lashes. 

I have worn this set once already ( I took the photos first, lol)
and am recording a full tutorial on my YouTube Channel that will be up this week to show you these lashes at there very best.

Amy's range has a total of 8 designs in total ranging from subtle girly lashes to the more dramatic and glamorous for the diva in all of us, they cost £8 and are available from

I for one am going to be trying another set, I have already ordered Temptress 2 :)

What are your favorite lashes?
Will you be giving these a go?


* These were a PR Sample.



  1. Im also a lash lover but never tried any of amy childs ones but they look fab. x


    1. They are beautiful April and last so well, I really recommend them!!xxx

  2. Oh wow aren't they gorgeous? I love the look of these, the tiny sparkle is so delicate! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. The sparkle is beautiful, looks so pretty and not over the top at all :))xxx


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