Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mac Pink Pigeon, Neon pink lippies and a dupe.......

I know alot of fellow Lippy lovers missed out on the infamous Pink Pigeon when MAC re released it this month. It sold out instantly when It was first released as part of the Iris Apfel collection and again this time as part of the strength collection.

Several people mentioned to me that they hadn't been able to get hold of Pink Pigeon, a vivid bright almost neon pink. I got to wondering If I had any other lip sticks in my collection that were comparable.

Here is what I came up with.....

Pink Pigeon, Barry M No 52 and Fuchsia Flash

Looking at them in the tube, the look close but not exact, however on the lips there is a very close if not identical dupe....

MAC Pink Pigeon

Barry M No 52

This is a matt finish lipstick and feels quite dry on the lips, although it doesn't actually look chalky. This lippy is a true Neon and a good bit brighter than the Mac. 

Close but not quite....

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash

Now, Fuchsia Flash, part of the new launch from Maybelline called Vivids is just that. A true vivid pink. Texture wise it feel creamy and moisturizing on the lips with a glossy finish. Colour wise I think this is a super close match and in my opinion a very good dupe.

What do you think? Is Fuchsia Flash the dupe people have been looking for?
I think so!!



  1. The Maybelline shade is almost identical! Love posts like these, especially as I am trying sooooo hard not to splurge right now on the Strength collection! xx

    1. I love a good dupe too :)) pleased that you enjoyed the post :))xxx

  2. I'm not usually a pink lippy fan (they don't suit me) but these really really suit you! Beautiful!

    beckys makeup

  3. im such a sucker for pink lipsticks, love the Maybelline one xx

  4. Love those lipsticks, the colors are fab.

    K xx


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