Friday, 22 February 2013

Lush Fresh Face Masks...........

If you follow me on twitter or YouTube, you will oh heard me moaning about the state of my skin since December. I really don't know what has happened but it has gone totally haywire.

I talked about Steam Cream and Trilogy Rose hip oil in My January Favorites  and although these have gone some way to help, my skin is still in a sorry state.

I decided that I would like to give a couple of the Lush Face Masks a go as I have heard lots of good things and love the idea of using all natural products on my skin.

So off I trotted to my local lush to pick up some skin treats. Here is what I got...

 Love Lettuce was my first pick, especially as it is fragrance with French Lavender and I love all things Lavender scented, the added bonus is Lavender helps balance the skins oil production.
It has a firm gel like texture that spreads easily over the skin. It also has Fullers Earth in the mix, Ideal for oily skins as it absorbs excess sebum. This mask also has ground almond shells to exfoliate away dead skin cells and brighten the skin.

Next I choose Catastrophe Cosmetic. This has a much firmer texture, it feels almost like a clay and has a light fruity fragrance. 
I picked this as it is packed with Blueberries, a rich antioxidant. Just what my skin needs. It also has calamine to help sooth the skin, with chamomile to take away redness and calm.
It is also deep cleansing, ideal for regular use and wont leave the skin feeling tight or uncomfortable as it also includes Almond oil.

I decided that I wanted to used these masks in conjunction with one another, and that is what I have been doing for the 3 weeks I have had them.

First I use Love Lettuce to leave my skin fresh and bright thanks to the exfoliating action of the almond shells, ideal for absorbing vitamins and minerals.
Then I apply Catastrophe Cosmetic for a deep cleanse and antioxidant boost.

I have also used both the masks individually, but ultimately my favorite is to use them together. 
I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after. Redness is reduced and I definitely notice my skin has a brighter appearance the next morning.

The masks cost £5.95 and need to be kept in the fridge as they have fresh ingredients.

Although my skin has a long way to go, I am seeing a real improvement and Lush skin care is something that I will be looking into more.

What are your favorite Lush masks?


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