Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year, Flu is gone!!!

Happy new year everyone!!! Hope you all had the best fun over the festive season and new year. Sorry I have been MIA over this time, I had flu and didn't leave my bed from Christmas Night until January 3rd!! Really not very nice.

Thank fully normal service is going to be resumed now that I am back in the world of  the living, so expect to see lots of me on twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and of course here. 

I have lots planned!! I was also a very lucky girl and got a new Canon 600D from Rich for my Christmas present to help improve my Youtube videos. 
So exciting!!!

What were your Christmases and new years like? Tell me everything!!!!



  1. I got the canon 600d too, I haven't used it for any videos yet (because I'm too scared) but I went on a mini photo shoot of Warwick Avenue the other day and the pictures are great! Looking forward to using it for my first video, when I pluck up enough courage to enter the youtube world that is!

    Glad you're feeling better after a sick new year, I've started to feel unwell now just before my semester at Uni starts :(

    1. Aww dont be nervous!! You will be fab im sure!!! I loveeeee my new camera sooooo much lol, can you tell?? The picture quality is superb isnt it.

      Thank u for the get well wishes, I hope that your not too poorly :(( xxxx


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