Friday, 18 January 2013

Chanel Waterproof Liner..............

If you watched my face of the week video or read my post this week, you will know that I have been trying to use up a retractable black eyeliner from Buxom. 
You will of also heard my moaning and groaning about how it smudges and ends up everywhere, something I HATE!!

Well I finally used it up ( Yay, empties post coming this weekend!!) and replaced it in my makeup bag with this, the Chanel Waterproof Retractable liner in Ebony.


It is soooo lovely to be using this liner again. Gone are the smudges, my eyeliner has no longer vanished by 11am, I have a black water line and so much more.

This beautiful liner gives a smooth and long wearing finish. The liner is firm enough that it doesn't become messy to apply, yet at the same time it isn't to hard so that it drags the delicate eye area.

It works like a dream in the waterline, giving good colour that is smudge free. 

You can see from the swatch above the great pigment and colour pay off you get. 

Now at £19 I know that this isn't a cheap product, however I do feel that it is worth every single penny. 
Sometimes it simply is true that you get what you pay for and this is one of them.

The closest liner in comparison that I have used is the Technakohl liner from MAC. At £14 they are slightly more affordable, I still think the Chanel is better tho, and for £5 extra I would still go for it, its what a lot of people spend on a coffee and sandwich in Starbucks in a day. lol.

So what do you think? Have you tried any of the liners I've mentioned?
Do you think you get what you pay for sometimes?



  1. I love my eyeliners! Im currently using a collection 2000 one (I think) and it smudges so bad and I'm always having to re apply so many times! Will deffo think about buying this xo

    1. If you do, im sure that you will love it. its just fab!!xxx

  2. This looks great, I think the best liner I have found for not smudging is the Urban decays ones. x

    1. The 24/7 ones? I have heard so many great things, I have a couple of them but unfortunately I still get some smudging with them, I think I have extra watery eyes!!!xxx

  3. this looks like such a great liner. I always find that these type of ones smudge on my lids so it would be great to try one that doesn't, aswell as something that's got great pigmentation xx

    1. The pigment is beautiful on this, I think I may have to have a lil look at the other colours, if they are half as good, they will be great xxx


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