Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ysl Rouge Volupte and Glossy Stain........

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
Hope that the start of your week has been fab so far!!
Today I have for you two lip products that I picked up last month from YSL with some of my beauty card points.

Its a new Rouge Volupte in No8 and one of there beautiful Glossy Stains in no 14. 

I picked these colors as I wanted colors for the Autumn/Winter that were more rosy toned, kind of my lips but better, i'm pleased with my choices.

No 14 Glossy Stain is the brighter of the two, having worn this a few times, it comes off a little redder on me. When I took these pictures, my lips were already stained from another lippy so I couldn't do a swatch for you. Ill def get one up in the next few days.

Rouge Volupte No 8 is simply beautiful, its the perfect rosy shade for my skin tone, I also find this one to be more creamy in texture than my Lingerie Pink.  This shade is on the Christmas collection display, its not a limited edition tho, just a re promote. 

No 14 and No 8

These to shades also work beautifully together, I popped a little of the glossy stain on top the other day and loved it!

I love spending my beauty points on items that I would normally not buy, and as much as I adore the YSL lipsticks, I grudge £22 ish on a lippy.

What do you like to treat yourself to with Beauty Points or Advantage card points??



  1. I *need* this lipstick in my life - what a beautiful colour! I've not tried the stains yet, would you recommend them? x

  2. Vicky, believe me when I say that you really do NEED the glossy stains!! They are beautiful, No 17 is my favorite color and just beautiful.
    They are so long wearing and dont dry my lips at all.

    The lippy is also gorgeous, I don't find that it is very long wearing tho and that I do need to reapply, that doesn't really bother me tho. I really do prefer this one soooooo much more to Lingerie pink, that just looks to chalky on me xxx

  3. I actually just got that glossy stain yesterday! My first YSL lip product, its perfect for winter! <3

    Now I'm thinking i need that lippie too :P



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