Monday, 1 October 2012

High end Blushes, Drug store dupes.............

Hi everyone!!!
How are you all today? Fab I hope!!!
Today I have some dupes of some favorite high end blushes to share with you. This is the final video in my dupe series I have to share with you.

L To R

1. Paris- FashionistA
Sleek-Rose Gold 

2.MAC- Modern Mandarin
Sleek-Life's a Peach

3.MAC- Supernova
Sleek- Pomegranate

4.MAC-Pink Swoon
Sleek-Pixie Pink

What do you think of the dupes I found in my collection?
Do you know of any others?
Are there any you want me to try and find?

Thank you for watching!!!



  1. What a fab post hun! I love it when you find a good dupe. Sleek blushes are amazing!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. Hi Em!!
      I am a massive fan of the sleek blushes too, can you tell, hehehe. Thank you for enjoying the post :))xxx


I love to see what you think too, Leave me a comment and be sure to check back, I always reply!!xxx

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