Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Top Lipsticks for Summer 2012.............

This summer I am loving bright & bold Lipsticks.
I decided to do a post and a video on my top 5, in the end I choose 7. As I see it tho, that's one for each day of the week.....

My 7 choices are
  • Maybelline Coloursensation Coral Tonic
  • L'Oreal Caresse Aphrodite Scarlet
  • Topshop Oh La La
  • Topshop All About Me
  • MAC Vegas Volt
  • MAC Impassioned
  • MAC Girl About Town

To see why I chose each colour and see swatches, You can watch my video.

What colours are you loving this summer???



  1. The three MAC lipsticks you mentioned look beautiful. I think I need Vegas Volt in my life xx

  2. Having a big catch up on you that your doing videos!
    Oh la la and impassioned look gorgeous!
    Girl about town is one of my all time favourites.


    1. Hey Liz!!!! Awww thank you!! I am really enjoying doing the videos, I still find it a little scary, but its a bit of fun :))

      I adore Girl about town too, its such a happy colour!!xxx

  3. OMG, I NEEEEEED Girl About Town.
    Your post and video has just pretty much convinced me I need it in my life, lol!
    I was at MAC today too, damn. :P

    1. He he he, you doNEED Girl about town!!! hehehe.
      Ahhh what did you get from MAC?xxx

  4. I have Girl About Town too! And I also love it! Great minds... :) It always gives me a wee surprise when I see myself in the mirror - it's SO bright!

    Claire x

    1. hehe, you hit the nail on the head Claire!!! Its just such a happy and fabulous colour :))xxx


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