Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My first Bare Minerals and a new Buxom Gloss...................

As a dedicated lover of all things beauty and makeup related, I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have never tried anything from Bare Minerals.
When I was in Brighton a couple of months ago, I visited the Brighton Bare Minerals Boutique.
I initially went in to have a look at the 'Ready To Wear' Collection.

Although there were some beautiful colours in the collection, I settled on 2 of the original mineral powder shadows. I also picked up another of the Buxom Lip glosses.

Starting with the gloss, I choose the shade Tonya, a beautiful bright coral pink shade. 
I have one of the Buxom glosses already, and they are bar far one of my all time favourite lip glosses EVER!! lol, a bold statement I know, but I really do love these glosses. 
They offer a plumping action in addition to gorgeous colour pay off and long wear time.


Next on to the shadows. I chose two shades, One the most popular shade that Bare Minerals make ( The lovely consultant told me this, lol) and the 2nd a beautiful summery colour that I couldn't resist

Nude Beach and Chameleon

Nude beach is such a pretty colour, I can totally see why its such a popular colour, its a lovely champagne beige shade with delicate shimmer. I can not believe the texture of the shadows, they are so soft to use and milled beautifully.

Next is Chameleon, a blue/green/gold shade. The name describes this colour perfectly. Its a real chameleon of a colour, it changes in both the light and varies depending what colours you pare it with. It really is a beautiful colour.

I have wore these eye shadows a couple of times and am enjoying experimenting with them. I find that they wear really nicely through the day and don't crease.
The shadows are £14 each, I think that this price is very reasonable as looking at the quantity of product you get, they are going to last for a long long time.

You can buy Bare Minerals at selected department stores, In Bare Minerals Boutiques and On line direct.

Do you have any recommendations for me from Bare Minerals?
What do you think I should try next?



  1. I've never tried anything from Bare Minerals either! the eyeshadows look gorgeous, but I never get along with loose powders :/

    1. I always get frustrated with pigments and them going everywhere, your not alone hun!!!xxx

  2. I've not tried anything from Bare Minerals! They are pretty eyeshadows xx


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