Thursday, 21 June 2012

Build Your Own Palette from Urban Decay................

Something that I am sure you will all of heard of recently is the new Build Your Own Palette system from Urban Decay. UD have also reformulated there already fab eye shadow collection.

The palette contains enough space for 6 shadows and comes complete with your first shadow and a flat shadow brush.

The style of the single shadow packaging is the same just in a new shiny pewter case. What is different is the way the colours come out of there individual cases and can be slotted into your custom palette. 

You know what this means......
NO MORE DE POTTING!!!!!!!! Yyyyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyy. Lol.

As well as my palette I picked up one other shadow to add to it, the shade I chose is called Suspect.


Walk of Shame and Suspect

As you can see in the swatch above, Walk Of Shame that comes in the palette is a nude matte shade that will be great for blending out and your brow bone. In the pan it looks very similar to the infamous Brulee from MAC.

The palette costs £14 the same as a single eyeshadow. 
I got mine from my UD stand in Debenhams in Brighton ( The consultant was fab by the way!!!). You can pick this up from all god department stores and on line nationwide.

What colours do you think I should add next?????


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