Sunday, 20 May 2012

NARS Haul.....................

A brand that I love to see is NARS. I have a couple of NARS bits and bobs in my collection (1 bronzer, 2 blushes, 3 shadows, 3 glosses lol). NARS is also a brand that will feature in my wish lists. 

I often see items that I think look gorgeous on various blogs and youtube videos. I don't have a NARS counter near me, so its a brand that I always seem to lust after.

I recently decided to take a bit of a gamble and pick up a few bits from ASOS as I had a voucher and a free delivery code.

My main purchase was the NARS Love Rite SS 2012 collection. A box set housing a Duo blush, 2 Lip glosses and a Orgasm Illuminator.

I wanted to try this out as you get 2 blushes in the compact, they are a good size and it allows me to try out 2 shades....bonus. You also get 2 miniature, about half size I would say of there Lip glosses in the colours Greek Holiday and Turkish Delight ( One of my all time favourites!!!)
The last thing you get is a 15ml Orgasm Illuminator. I already have this product, but its something I always use so it will come in handy through the summer.

Desire and Amour

These are both Matte blushes, they have fab colour pay off like all NARS blushes. I cant wait to try these out.

Greek Holiday is the only new item from this trio to me. I really like it. It has very delicate sparkle and will look great both on its own and layered over lipstick.

Desire, Amour, Greek Holiday and Turkish Delight.

Next I picked up a couple of Lip products. 
Mexican Rose is a Item I have had my eye on for a little while. I love lip products in pencil form and it is a beautiful colour.
Barbarella was a complete impulse buy. Its a true peach lipstick, something I always seem to be looking for?! 

Barbarella and Mexican Rose

L To R 
Barbarella and Mexican Rose

Mexican Rose has stolen my heart already, I have this on my lips as I type and I'm loving it......

The last 2 items I picked up are both blushes.
The first is a item that I have been lusting after for well over a year.
Its Cactus Flower Cream Blush. The reason I have hesitated so long with this is simply my love hate relationship with cream blush. I love the idea and most often the colours, I just really struggle to apply this well to my skin without it highlighting all my pores and just looking rather naff.
I finally took the plunge tho and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it.
The last blush I picked is Torrid, a beautiful Coral with gold shimmer running through. Gorgeous for summer.

Cactus Flower and Torrid.

I think that these blushes are going to work really well layered.........

I so hope Cactus flower works for me, I'm in love with the beautiful bright coral with gold sparkles. Fingers and toes crossed, lol.

If like me, you don't have a local NARS counter you can either order direct from NARS or ASOS like I did.

What are your favourite NARS products?? Do you have any Cream blush application tips???



  1. Oh that Desire and Amour duo actually set my heart racing... So gorgeous! X

  2. Oh wow so many gorgeous goodies!! Love the blushes and the lipsticks <3

    1. Thank you!!! Its one of my last blow outs for a good long while!!! lol xxx

  3. wow that duo is gorgeous, I have Cactus Flower and I like to use my fingers to apply it, as I've found a brush tends to pick up too much product, for me anyway. although you could use a sigma f55 brush. :-)

    1. Thanks for the tips Claire!!! I will try it both ways :))xxx

  4. Wow that is an amazing NARS haul, I am extremely jealous as I am trying to save...wwwaaaaahhhh!!



    1. This is one of my last blow outs for a very long time, lol xxxx

  5. Fab haul hun :)
    I love that little set, seems perfect for trying the products out before splurging on the full size items. Barbella is truly beautiful and has been added to my wish list :P
    Am looking forward to future FOTD :D xxx

    1. Awww thanku babe!!! I love the mini products, they are so cute too, lol. Plus, I am a blush addict so im sure these will last me for ages, years lol.xxxxx


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